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Concerned Cocoa Farmers Association Embarks On Awareness Creation Campaign On The Need To Pay Tax

In their quest to ensure that Ghanaians get the true meaning on why citizens need to pay tax for economic development, executive members of the Concerned Cocoa Farmers Association have taken upon themselves to create public awareness to archive the agenda.

At the time of filing this report the Association has landed Ashanti Region where residents, group of Associations, traders, farmers among others have been engaged in the tax paying awareness campaign.

Speaking to the Opera News Content Writer King Amoah in an interview, the Chairman of the Association, Nana Oboadie Opambour Boateng Bonsu II observed that in the world over taxation is the main source which helps government to build a strong economy.

Nana Bonsu expressed worry that in Ghana the citizens show less interest to meet their tax obligations, though they expect government to develop their communities.

The chairman insisted that as concerned association their awareness creation on the need to pay tax campaign would be not limited to the Ashanti Region alone, but also the entire regions of the country.

According to him, whilst embarking on a nationwide campaign to create awareness on tax payment,the association also anticipates to use their platforms to create unity and harmony among farmers in the country.

This is because the association as a farmers group , consider farmers as special people of which if they come together, would help to contribute towards not only economic building, but they would also help to produce food in abundant to feed Ghanaians and beyond.

Nana Oboadie Opambour Boateng Bonsu ll empathic ally made it clear that the association's current move on tax campaign is to signal to the government to become aware that the citizens may demand positive results like infrastructural development among others after paying tax.

Nana stated that it is now time people should understand that without tax, government efforts to develop the country would not come to fruition.

Referring to the growth of the advanced countries, the chairman posited that such countries never applied magic wands to build their economies expect tax collection.

Therefore the ball is in the court of Ghanaians to adopt habit of paying tax if they want the country to grow, the chairman added.

Going forward, he hinted that though his outfit is financially weak, members have resolved to carry out the tax message across the country as part of their social mandate to enhance the development of the country.

Nana Opambour Bonsu linking the agenda also to a "Unity Campaign" among farmers to understand the essence of paying tax, took the opportunity to advise his colleagues to work hard to better their lives.

He said farming is a lucrative business which does not need any Manager to supervise a farmer.

What is more important for farmers the chairman reiterated, is dedication and handwork concluding that if we work hard we can acquire properties and live well just like those rich men without relying on government for loans that attached with strings of conditions.

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