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'The greatest shopping centers' (Ghana, Nigeria) west Africa

'The greatest shopping centers' (Ghana, Nigeria) west Africa

The economy of Africa is viewed as the quickest developing on the planet. This combined with the expansion in the degree of training has risen the Gross Domestic Products (GDP) of nations on the landmass. Essentially, the way of life on the landmass has gone up hugely, as more working class populace is arising. Residents are consequently floating from purchasing from the conventional, old and generally muddled market towards buying of labor and products in an advanced, best in class shopping centers. This has prompted the development of first class shopping centers that can burglarize shoulders with any shopping center somewhere else on the planet. I will jump at the chance to bring to you rundown of the greatest shopping centers in West Africa, a significant sub-square of the mainland.

1. West Hills Shopping Mall ( Accra, Ghana)

2. Accra mall

3. Polo park

4. Sea plaza

5. Kumasi City Mall

This are the grand structures filling in as the shopping centers of the tip top particularly on the Africa landmass.

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