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BOST Begins First Shipment of Fuel

Ghana received its first policy-based shipment of 40,000 tonnes from the United Arab Emirates on 15 January 2023.

COPEC's Executive Director is optimistic that commodity prices may fall as the circulation of goods will soon be completed.

“This gold vs. oil policy number is very important. You should stop doing it.

"Because this is not the kind of situation Ghanaians are screaming about. The numbers coming out next week will determine whether the market can be stimulated or whether the price can be sustained. Or there are some advantages you can draw from as a person. Without profits, it would be difficult to go to the Bank of Ghana (BoG) and ask for money for oil transactions, and we would be burned on all fronts.

BOST starts selling the first batch "Because this only meets 20% of our needs, it won't have as much impact as if we met 100% of our diesel needs," he said. she told  Sogah good luck. The government received the first oil shipment under the policy at the port of Tema on Monday, January 16. 41,000 tons of oil from the UAE is then poured into storage and bulk oil transport (BOST).

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