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See Mighty Mansion Of Bill Gates Which Was Built For 7 Years, With 24 Bathrooms

Bill Gate's home is called Xanadu 2.0 and is located on 66,000 square feet of land. The luxurious house was built at a cost of $63 million and lasted 7 years.

Outlook of the mansion:

Bill Gates is the second richest man alive after Jeff Bezos. The Microsoft co-founder is worth around $104 billion. With such wealth, you would naturally expect the billionaire's house to be mind blowing, well, it really is.

The pool:

The pool area is one of the most fascinating aspects of the mansion. An entire building with a total area of ​​3,900 square feet was constructed to encompass the 60 foot long pool.

The living room, the kitchen, the bathrooms and other areas of the mansion:

The house has 7 bedrooms, 6 kitchens and 24 bathrooms, 10 of which contain tubs. The house also has a reception room that can accommodate 200 guests.

The artificial stream:

There's even a man-made river that gives the house a natural look. The mansion is environmentally friendly, large trees across the mansion are planted to safeguard it from heat exchange.

Do you think it's good to accumulate alot of properties like this? your opinion is important to us

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