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Your Approach To Economic Hardship Is Nothing But Rhetoric and A Waste Of Time - Political Scientist

NPP's 'breaking the 8' agenda is possible by deeds not words – Dr. Amoako  Baah –

Political Scientist Dr Richard Amoako Baah says ‘the current approach to economic hardship is nothing but rhetoric and a waste of time’. 

Ghana is currently experiencing an economic crunch with rising debt levels, inflation hovering around 37 percent coupled with the country’s currency crumbling against the major foreign exchange rates.

Dr Amoako Baah believes that the Akufo-Addo led government is clueless on what to do and that there is no hope of mitigating measures proposed by President Akufo-Addo.

 “What’s Going On”, Dr Amoako Baah bemoaned earlier on Ultimate 106.9 FM,

“The president speech on the economy was waste of time, shameful that is what it was, this is what we call a whole lot of nothing, he didn’t say anything”

“You are the President, people are in danger, hungry and angry . They are looking for you to give them hope, what did he say that gives them hope?”

“Why is he talking about things that are to happen in 2028, why does he want to impose things on people when he will not be there, it’s just bogus, is just a true to form character, this man has nothing, he is just a package share, packaged I am not insulting the man not because I don’t like him, I am telling you the truth. he has nothing, there is nothing in there. If you think I am just upset with him , I am not . I have said every time this man remains the president we are in trouble” he said.

Dr. Amoako Baah laments that President Addo has disappointed many who believed in him as his actions have exposed his true and inner-self when communicating without a script.

“He is a package somebody, he is empty, he doesn’t know anything himself, he just reads what people write for him”


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