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Steve Hanke's Tweet About The Marburg Outbreak In Ghana, Was Intended To Worsen Akufo Addo's State.

The challenges facing Ghana's economy are getting worse, according to a recent article in ModernGhana by American economist Steve H. Hanke, who has been researching the country for some time. "Ghana's problem is just one damn thing after another," the economist claimed.

Well, many Ghanaians and people everywhere may assume Hanke is extremely concerned about the dire economic situation Ghana is currently experiencing and that is why he is expressing worry. I don't think he cares at all about Ghana's collapsed economy, based on extensive studies and roles that foreign governments have played in destabilizing African economies.

"Ghana's inflation rate roars at 56 percent/year, according to my calculation. And if that weren't enough, this week saw the death of one youngster due to the Marburg virus. It all verifies my School Boys Theory of History: It's simply one damn thing after another,” Hanke tweeted.


Hanke wants to prevent any foreign investments from coming to Ghana, and, to be honest, no one will want to invest in Ghana as long as the Marburg virus has claimed a life there

When asked to trace the genesis of diseases in Africa, biologists, doctors, and scientists, if they are sincere, will admit that only malaria, which still exists, was there on the continent of Africa before and after slavery; all other illnesses that continue to kill Africans and ruin our investments are all man-made diseases.Many diseases, including tuberculosis, nodding disease, Burkitt's lymphoma, Kaposi's sarcoma, Ebola, Lassa fever, HIV, Aids, and others, were introduced to Africa either as biological weapons or as diseases that Africans contracted through their water, food, medication, such as oral medicine, and immunization.

Every politician in Africa is worried that if they retaliate, the countries responsible, Britain, Belgium, France, Holland, Germany, and the United States of America, will withhold financial aid, leaving the continent alone to lick its wounds and express its agony.

The same advanced nations that African leaders turn to for assistance are also the ones gravely harming Africa as a result of the continent's abundant resources, which the developed world sorely required to maintain their economies. The tactics used to remove the wealth from Africa are brutal.

Thus, it is understandable when President Akufo Addo discussed the harm that slavery had done to the African continent and demanded compensation. I was aware that he was attempting to explain something to them in a diplomatic manner that all of the countries that still harming Africa in various ways, including the United States of America, could comprehend.

Ebola was frequently hitting Congo, killing people and decimating their economy, which has an impact on the entire African continent. This was sole because cobalt, the most valuable resource that the automobile industry, mobile telephone, and computer companies need in large quantities, is a critical component.

The largest health organizations continue to mislead the public by claiming that monkeys, bats, and bushmeat are to blame for the spread of Ebola in Africa, even though they are aware that the disease is a biological weapon.

Steve Hanke, the economist, was angered by Nana Akufo Addo's comments regarding slavery and the need for compensation for Africa as a whole, along with many others in nations that actively participated in the slave trade. As a result, Hanke sent out the tweet to further embarrass the Ghanaian president.

Hanke wants to prevent any foreign investments from coming to Ghana, and, to be honest, no one will want to invest in Ghana as long as the Marburg virus has claimed a life there. More importantly, if caution is not exercised, his actions will force Ghanaians to undergo the Marburg test before leaving the country for any developed nation.

These people appear to be ruthless to the average person, but they don't see it that way; they value anything they do that helps them. Hanke claims that, behind El Salvador, Ghana is the nation with the second-highest risk of exploding debt.

That is accurate, but he didn't bother to explain to Ghanaians how Marburg had shown up in Ghana and taken a life. Africa is often held responsible for all of the world's illnesses, but hemorrhagic fevers, which cause victims to bleed to death, have already been reported in Crimea, Russia, in 1944, Marburg, Germany, and Frankfurt, Germany, as well as Belgrade, Serbia, in 1967. These hemorrhagic fevers include Lassa fever, which first struck Nigeria in 1969, and Ebola, which first struck the Congo in 1976.

The same virus then concurrently hit Sierra Leone, Guinea, and Liberia three nations in West Africa in 2014. I give thanks to God that the "bats" which brought Ebola to Guinea, fear the military government and have all vanished as a result, leaving Guinea an Ebola-free nation.

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