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Laugh a minute- 'Imagine' Jokes

Imagine the whole family, organizing themselves to attend your first-degree graduation like a king’s coronation. Which you know very well you will be part of those taking their certificates backstage.

Imagine, after waiting for hours of for your mom to prepare your favorite meal. She serves you with the mouthwatering meal and the first taste burns your tongue.

Imagine going to meet your potential father-in-law, only to meet the lecturer you trailed his first-degree course three times before passing.

Imagine being last on a queue to collect money from a bank teller, and your landlord whose was to expect your payment the previous month joins the queue.

Imagine taking seven thousand Ghana Cedis for the new semester fees, you enter the account office to make payment only to meet your uncle as the new accountant. He picks up the phone to call your father to relay how happy he is to see you.

Imagine cleaning the room for a special conference with your partner. Few minutes to time and your church members call they’re on their way to visit.

You are a car owner, you sacked your reckless taxi driver few months back. You get to board a private helicopter for a trip. Lo and behold this pilot was your taxi driver.

 Imagine chasing a girl for years, she finally accepts your proposal, you take her to see your parents and they tell you she is a relative.

Imagine being under house arrest and your girlfriend runs away with your phone.

Imagine interviewing for a supermarket as an attendant and they show video of you stealing.

Just imagine, like and share to put a smile on others face.

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