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Business Management analysis

Reason why Market women say 'Thank you' after buying from them revealed.

Business these days is one major source of income to most individuals. You cannot rely only on your work or employment for survival but also have a personal business for yourself.

In order for your business to grow, you need to gave loyal customers.

One major way to keep your customers is to be kind to them.

Most market women do Thank buyers of their products. They do this to keep and maintain them. There are a lot of competitors our there so saying 'Thank you' is a way to appreciate the customer or buyer. This will make the customer keep buying from that seller all the time.

Most market women who fail to say 'Thank you' barely get customers.

So this is the reason why market women say Thank you after buying from them.

Most of you are already aware of this but I need to make it public anyway.

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