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"The Online Slave Market" - see how people are displayed on apps and sold as commodities.

Kuwait, is a country located in the North edge of Eastern Asia. Kuwait is a country characterized by many and different tribes. It is a strategic trade port between Mesopotamia and India

Mobile apps as well as other provide platforms for people to be sold in Kuwait. On an app called "4 sale", there is a section dedicated to buying of human beings for any purposes or the purpose identified on their profile.

When these slaves are bought, they do not get access to phones, those with access can use it once a month to contact their families. They are treated as properties and can be sold out to a different buyer once their owners achieve their purpose. Most of these ladies or people on the site a Africans.

When a buyer settles on a person he/she prefers an arrangement is done for the buyer to meet the slave after which negotiations are done on the amount the slave is to be purchased. Their passports are then seized by their new owners to restrict them from running away to their native country.

On these apps, slaves are categorized into various tribe and race. For instance the "4 sale" app has a section for Indians, Sri-Lankans, Africans, and Asians among others. These slaves cost between 2000 t0 5000 USD. It is sad to see pictures of human beings with for sale on them.

The laws of Kuwait is strictly against this act, it is illegal to keep your domestic worker’s passport or deny him or her from getting a day off, with the fear of them running away. It was noted that in most cases the women had no idea they were been sold online. The Sandigan organisation since the discovery of this situation has rescued thousands of women from this cruel act.

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