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Foreign exchange

SS: Did you use any of these currencies

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A currency is a system of money used in general in a particular country. In the early days, cowries (sedie) was used as a mode of payment for many transactions. The name cedi was derived from the object sedie(cowrie). There were other mode of transactions which was barter trade, the exchange of goods and services for other valuable goods.

Since the initiation of the cedi, several changes has been made. The last one was made in 2007. Until the last denomination, one has to carry a huge some of money around which wasn't too comfortable with many people. For instance having bundles of cedi notes in the pocket meant exposing yourself to pick pockets.

Recently there were rumors that certain types of the old currency coins were bought at a high price. As to what these coins really possesses only the dealers could explain.

To those who did not get the chance to see the various types of Ghana's old currencies, the following pictures will educate you.

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