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My Fathers Friend Wants to 'Chop' Me before He Employs me

Welcome to another episode of the darkroom stories. In today's column, a lady shares an experience she had while looking for a job.

This is her story:

My name is Mariam and I'm the eldest of my siblings. I had great puberty so I'm blessed with all the curves and a face to match. You can categorize me as a drop-dead gorgeous woman.

I attended K.N.U.S.T and graduated with a bachelor's degree in civil engineering. After graduating, I served the nation for a year at the Ghana Highways Authority. It was my first job experience so I really enjoyed my time over there. My devotion and attitude towards work were impeccable. I thought they would retain me after my service was over but unfortunately, they didn't.

The herculean task of finding a good employer who will employ me was now set in motion. I wrote mouthwatering CVs and distributed them to as many construction firms as possible. For seven months I was in the house still unemployed.

As hope was beginning to evaporate as my Dad returned home beaming all smiles and shouting my name. 'I have great news for you, Mariam .'-He exclaimed. 'Do you remember my friend Osei? I responded with a nod. I told him about your predicament and he has agreed to help. He asked that you report to his office tomorrow morning'.- He added

Mr.Osei is a family friend whom I've known my entire life. He is has a big construction company which employs a lot of people.

I woke up very early that morning, took my bath, got dressed, and set off to his office. Over there I was received by his secretary who then told me that Mr.Osei was yet to report to work. She was surrounded by two other colleagues and who were busy discussing politically related issues.

After three hours of waiting and also enjoying the ongoing political arguments the place suddenly went quiet. I looked down the hallway and there he was, Mr.Osei my soon-to-be CEO.

I quickly stood up as he got closer. I greeted him and went back to my seat. He went to his office and after a little while, I was instructed by his secretary to join him. I obliged and entered his office. He offered me a seat.

We had talks about my father and some past happenings he and I knew of. After that brief exchange of pleasantries, we went straight to business. Don't worry about the job for this is my company and I do as I please. Although there are currently no vacancies I will still employ you because of your father'-He reiterated.

He then reached his pocket and took out a card. He gave me the card. It had a number on it. 'It's my hotel room number so meet me there and let's finalize the process.'

I couldn't believe what just happened. Mr. Osei, a man who knew me when I was in diapers now wants a taste of my sweet curves.

Today happens to be the eve of our meeting in the hotel. I need the job badly but the thought of sleeping with my father's friend doesn't sit well with me.

I need your help. What should I do?

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