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All cocoa farmers in Ghana must not pay Tax on their Cocoa income - The Law

In Ghana, any income you receive, no matter where you received it is chargeable to tax.

Even a gift which you receive other than that from your family members is also liable to tax.

In Ghana, one of the most cherished resources is cocoa. Most farmers are engaged in the production of cocoa beans in the country. However, any amount they receive from this investment or business must not be taxed. That means when one get ¢100,000 from his cocoa sales, he will not pay any tax on it.

This has been the law of Ghana since 1992. 

This law is found in the Ghana Tax law Section 7, Act 896.

That is why all cocoa farmers do not pay tax in Ghana. This is a way to motivate them to plant more cocoa in the country to improve agriculture in the country.

If the farmer plants both cocoa and maize, he will pay tax on only the maize and not on the cocoa.

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