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Has Money Rituals Become The New Normal ?

Everything in the world has got its industry. The dominance and the needs of each industry determine what is en vogue at one particular time or the other. The high demand for blood, human parts, and full human beings shows that at this particular moment in Ghana ritual money or the acts of exchanging bodies with satanic spirits for money is what is en vogue now in Ghana.In fact it appears the phenomenon has been institutionalized to the extent that satanic human agents involved in these things could be your next-door neighbor

Hitherto people interested in taking money from satanic spirits in exchange for blood or human bodies will have to travel to faraway places to transact business, now they carry their shrines in hand-carry luggage to the location of their victims and entice people around their victims with money and lies to help them carry out their agenda.

What is worrying is that nobody in a position of authority seems to care about the recent upsurge in using people for money rituals.Maybe they are waiting for the next victim to be their son, daughter,brother, or sister before they realize how serious the situation is

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