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Stop wasting time on low income jobs

Stop wasting your time on low income jobs

Time waits for no one so be cautious the way you spend your time. Youths of today sees themselves as youngest but never taught of old age.

Avoid spending time with the wrong people. I urge all youngest to hustle or suffer now than to live in regrets in old age. Remember your complains wont stop time but your decisions today will determine your life tomorrow. Spend your time wisely.

Youths of toady are so excited when he or she earns amount of GH$500 per month but the truth of the matter is,it is a total waste of time because if you continue to earn such amount when you become 24 to 27 years you will realize you have wasted your time and you are diving into poverty slowly.

Youth be wise and smart. focus on dreams and avoid worldly possessions. Most poor people today failed to dream big but rather blaming others.

I urge any youth who earns 500GH per month to stop and chase his or her dream. Remember the youth is rich but your decisions will determine.

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