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Business Management analysis

Three business ideas that can make you 1000 to 10,000 cedis in a week.

Starting a business that is as paying as a 1000 cedis to around 10,000 is not an easy something but I tell you it's very possible. As a business consultant I have been into different business including writing articles of which you are reading one, I have realized that to become successful in business it takes a lot more than just working for a company. You can also start something small and grow to become one of the wealthiest ever entrepreneurs of our time.

In today's write up I will be taking you through how to get 1000 cedis to 10,000 cedis within a week of successful indulgence in your own business. To start with if you are not ready to risk your little capital and also your time and little resources I think this wouldn't be of good help. Nothing good comes free, that's what you should keep in mind.

The first business idea we will be considering today is join a freelancer crew and start writing good Essays and articles for companies who are willing to pay more than even the said amount for your good work. Someone might say it's kind of slow but it actually works. Well a typical example is this platform that you're reading from. You can start from here and then improve upon your craft as you progress. I tell you that there are companies looking for people like you to work with just put your ideas into a business and invest your time into it and you will surely make it.

Secondly, you can also start an online store. Well someone may ask why start an online store when I don't have money, but the truth is you can start an online store even without having money all you will need to pay for is to get a company who is willing to produce your goods and deliver on your behalf. This is the new trend in online store business now. Just creat a store and market other people's product and get good commissions for yourself.

Lastly, you can also learn to creat a YouTube channel. Now the rate at which people are making on YouTube it's quite amazing. Well many don't believe in how fast you can grow your channel on YouTube but I think when are creating contents that the people want you can even make more than the said amount in a week.

Hope this articles was helpful, don't forget to share, comment and follow for more business ideas. Until we meet again have a wonderful day Mr or Mrs reader. Thank you.

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