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Antidote to Poverty finally found.

Everyone on this planet Earth wants to gain financial liberty to a certain status, but in most times the financial status of people is not want they want it to be.

Some people in a society are rich while others are poor, some have obtained financial liberty to a level while others are still struggling to make ends meet.

The cause of the diverse financial status in the society is a matter we have to really look into it.

Does a rich father make a rich son?

If your family is poor will you also be poor?

Does Education make someone rich?

What do Rich people in society know that the poor doesn't know?

What differentiates the rich from the poor?

There are is a body of knowledge that makes a person what he is. A rich man son can be poor and a poor man's son can be rich, because it's success first of all is a mindset.

The Antidote to Poverty is learning to take responsibility or Accepting Responsibility.

When you take responsibility for yourself and your actions, you will know that your destiny is in your own hands, you wouldn't blame your parents or anyone for what are because it's actually your mindset that is promoting or deteriorating you, guys follow this channel, as I go deep in this subject.

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