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World Remit: Don't Participate In Illegal And Fruadulent Activity - Bank Of Ghana

This information is directly from the Financial Stability Department, Bank of Ghana (BoG) on Thursday 14th October 2021 informing the public to be very careful about "WORLD REMIT" MONEY DOUBLING SCHEME is an illegal and fruadulent activity.

The Bank cautious the public especially the youths not to participate in this illegal and fruadulent activity to avoid loss of funds.

They claim that it's the newest deal in town that pays within 45 minutes.

They always try to disturb you with a message alert popping up on your WhatsApp and Instagram saying,

"Try this investment it's Soo real, I have invested in this world remit transaction and within 30 to 45 minutes, I have been credited successfully that is why am recommending it to you all to invest in it. Like:

PAY ¢200 and receive 2500GHC

PAY ¢300 and receive 3500GHC

PAY ¢400 and receive 4500GHC 

PAY ¢500 and receive 5500GHC

PAY ¢600 and receive 6500GHC

PAY ¢700 and receive 7500GHC

PAY ¢800 and receive 8500GHC

PAY ¢900 and receive 9500GHC

PAY ¢1000 and receive 150,00GHC.

And after posting they will also be telling you that they are sorry for posting this on the page. And also saw it on some platform and try to give it a try and they have received a result and want to recommend it on the page sorry once again." Which is totally a very big time SCAM!.

Each blessed day when you take your smart phone a message pop up on your phone about this business they just posting on every platforms like Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram etc.

They try to convince others by saying that a lot of people has gained from this so you also ought to give it a try.

Whereby within 30 to 45 minutes you're definitely going to receive your money you have invested in the WorldRemit website.

Bank of Ghana also provides their link for further details on 'Money Doubling' and 'Card Loading System' Click here

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