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First ever 2021 Maybach arrives at Kwadaso Estates

First ever 2021 Maybach arrives at Kwadaso Estates 

Residents of Kumasi Kwadaso, has been graced with the opportunity to see the first ever 2021 Maybach, since it's remodeling. The car considered to be a luxury on road, was towed right from the Tema Port, to Kumasi Kwadaso Estates. Kwadaso Estates which is classified as the A1 residential habitat for prominent men and women within Kumasi, is one of the most important places in Kwadaso and the whole Kumasi. The town is the municipal capital for the Kwadaso Municipality, and it is also one of the cleanest and neatest towns within the city. The estate known as Kwa States of Kwadaso, was one which started in 2001 by Japanese investors, for the foreigners of Kumasi. The estate since its opening in 2009, has seen a rise in normal Ghanaians occupying the place rather than the foreigners. It is one-of-a-kind estate in Kumasi because of their cheapest mode of living, including renting and retail businesses, as compared to Cantonment and East Legon in Accra. 

Mr. Tieku is a man who has dreamt of owning a Mercedes, ever since the German manufacturing automobile company became a household name among wealthy Ghanaians. He saw himself of been able to drive his own car, before turning 54 years. Mr. Teiku ever since he started working, has been using a 2007 model of the Toyota Corolla CE, and never has he made himself to go against others cars. He is one man who is always ok with whatever he has, and never envy others for their assets. This has been his hallmark, since 1998 when he got into business. 

He is into large scale farming and has lands in Yeji which deals in yam production, another in Techiman which deals in cocoa farming, and a rice and millet farms at Ejisu. He owns several heavy duty equipment which works on his farm, and employs 29,006 Ghanaians to work on his farm. He has both civil workers and labourers working on his farm, and it's one of the major supplier of yam, millet, and rice to the southern and middle belt markets. 

He is also one of CMB Ghana's biggest buyer of cocoa, because of his several hectares of cocoa lands in Techiman. Mr. Teiku after attaining 53 years last year, did his best to reward himself for his hard labour job, since 1998. He has always dreamt about a Mercedes, but couldn't identify which Mercedes brands he wanted to drive, until he saw one in traffic last year September. He couldn't stop imagining the car, and through his lawyers, he was able to secure a deal with the German manufactures themselves. 

The car is right from the manufacturers themselves, and was made with special features just for Mr. Teiku. The car which Mr. Teiku denied giving the price, is around $280,000 which is equivalent to GH¢1,605,800 using today's exchange rates. That is the worth of the car alone, without shipping and duty cost. Shipping was a roro shipping, with the car having its own container, at an amount of $6,500 according to a source closer to the family. The car arrived at the harbor on the 28 of February last month, and clearing was made on Thursday the 4 of March 2021.

Mr. Teiku gave me an insight of the car this morning, and he is certain of driving the car without a personal driver. He wants to feel the urge of driving the car himself, though it is a chauffeured made car. Looking at the back seat, the car was specifically made to be chauffeured around, whiles the boss enjoys the comfort of the back seat. 

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