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We Have The Men But You Have Restricted Them And Allowed The Chinese To Take Away Our Gold

A man nicknamed Abro the big mouth attacks the government for giving the Chinese green light to destroy our lands in search of gold and send the gold to their country which is China.

According to Abro, instead of the Government registering the gold miners and making them go for a loan from the Ghana Commercial Bank (GCB) to renovate the place where the gold is being extracted for foreign countries in need of gold to move to Ghana and buys them at a high cost to their country, they have rather given that opportunity to the Chinese.

Abro claims that we have the men who can dig for gold but the government has restricted them and called in Chinese to mine for gold on our lands with high protection agency.

Abro angrily said to the government that they are running to the International Monetary Fund (IMF) for assistance after allowing the Chinese to destroy our lands and sent away our gold to their country.

For more details, watch the video below

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