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Photos: Learn How To Pronounce The Following Brand Names To Avoid Disgrace Outside

The first time I learnt about how certain brand names are pronounce, I said to myself, so I have been disgracing myself all this while. After that education, I laugh within myself when I hear some colleagues pronouncing some of them wrongly. Who am I to correct them. Of course I don't want to be branded the "too known" guy. It's always profitable to learn a new thing in our lives that's why I put this together for you.

Brand names pronunciation has been a problem for some of us. This is because most of these popular brands were not founded in Africa so their names doesn't sound African. There are several brands around the world serving us with different goods.

Every brand has a special name that distinguishes it from other brands. Gucci, Toyota, Nissan etc are some of the popular brand names we know. Since we buy goods from these companies, it's good we know how to pronounce their names well else we will be laugh at in a different country.

Probably you have been pronouncing some of them wrongly but after reading this, you will be bold to pronounce them. Check them below:

Which of them were you pronouncing wrongly? I hope you benefited from this.

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