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Bank to Reject 20 and 50 Notes

There is a public outcry all over social media in relation to the message sent by Guaranty Trust (GT) Bank which suggests that it will no longer accept 20 and 50 paper notes.

This message was widely received by the bank's customers across the country which says that effective 31st August 2022 the bank will no longer accept the 20 and the 50 paper notes.

"Dear customer, effective August 31, 2022, the Bank will no longer accept the 20 and 50 paper notes," the SMS read.

Many customers were stunned by this message as the information has not gone down well with them and have made more inquiries to seek clarification from the bank but no response. According to, it has made efforts to know the truth of the matter but has also received no response from the bank.

Below are the screenshots of frustrated customers to that effect. Too frustrating and needs a proper intervention:

The opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) took it to their social media team 'NDC EYE' which led to massive criticism on the ruling party the New Patriotic Party (NPP). Many have labelled the NPP as incompetent.

However, many customers believe that the message is referring to the British pounds (£) and not the Ghana cedi notes. Though, the bank is not specific as to whether it is referring to the Ghana cedi notes or the British pounds.

To this, we are still waiting for the response of the bank.

We are therefore calling for the intervention of the Bank of Ghana (BoG). There is a need for the immediate intervention of the Central Bank of Ghana as it is illegal for any bank to reject a legally recognised money in any country.

Fellow citizens, what are your views on this very challenging matter?

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