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Match: The Poor Mentality Vs The Rich Mentality - Which Side Are You?

Remember, you reading this article is going to become a billionaire in the coming years. If you believe this type YES. Another pice to inspire young achievers to take over the world in due time.

Today's article is a match between the poor Mentality and the rich mentality, which side are you. It's a question still hanging and you would get to know your stand after reading this the piece to the end.


The poor always think success is unimportant but the rich thinks success is an obligation.

The poor always blame others for their actions and the rich take full responsibility without leaving any stone unturned.

The poor spends all his earnings on fashionable items leaving a zero bank account whiles the rich invest almost all his income into profitable business.

The poor refuses to learn while the rich live a life of continues reading.

The poor focuses on the past whiles the rich focuses on what the future holds.

The poor live on income driven and the rich leave on networth driven.

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The poor think small but the rich thinks big.

Wow, do you fear changes, then you are on the path to poverty but embracing changes is a path to greatness.

The poor waste time but the rich buys time and make it meaningful.

The poor dude always cause problems but the rich stands ok their grounds to solve problems.

The poor always have a single stream of income while the rich has multiple streams of income.

The poor is work driven while the rich is goal driven.

I can see that someone is smilling, continue because you are on your way to greatness. Of you are sad then quicken your steps to join the rich mindset.

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