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Africa's most valuable currency ranking from highest to lowest. Nigeria is not even on the list.

We bring to you Africa countries with the most valuable currency ranking from highest to lowest.

We urge you to hit the follow button on top right corner of your phone to get the latest news in sport, entertainment, culture, politics, education, health and many more. Today's article is very educative one. There is misconception that the biggest and popular countries have the most valuable currency which is never true.

Nigeria, which are been branded as the giant of Africa could not make it to the top ten, Republic of South Africa and Egypt too could not make it to the top give. However, the Franc CFA could not also make the list.

Africa is blessed with abundant natural resource such as diamond, sugar, salt, gold, cocoa, bauxite, petroleum and many more, these contribute to the growth of their economy. Here are the list of top ten most valuable currency in Africa.

First is Libya Dinar with 1 USD = LD 1.41 . Libya with the strongest currency has been on top for quite long now. Though, the assassination of their long time leader Mummar Gadaffi, affected the economy drastically but they still remain on top.

The second is Tunisia Dinar with 1 USD = DT 2.87 . The currency was changed in 1960 from French franc to dinar with the abbreviation DT. 

Third is followed by Ghanaian cedi with 1 USD = Gh¢ 5.49 .Ghana's currency was replaced in July 2007. The cedi is more valuable because of the country GDP per capita, which is the currently highest in west Africa 

Fourth on the list is Moroccan Dirham with 1 (USD = MAD 9.89). The currency is the de-facto medium of exchange which makes it one of the strongest currency in African.

Followed by Botswana Pula with (1 USD = P 10.90) It is one of the strongest due to the country's strong economy and stable democracy.

The sixth is Zambia Kwacha with 1 USD = ZK 13.54 . Zambia is the most largest producer of copper in Africa.

Seventh on the list is Seychelles Rupee with 1 USD = SR 13.64

Eight is South Africa Rand with 1USD = R 14.87. Followed by Eritrea Nakfa with 1 USD = 15.00

The tenth on the list is Egyptian pounds with 1 USD = £16.30. This same currency is unofficially use in Sudan and Gaza strip, thus the boosting.

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