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CEO of Okobeng Mines sends strong warning to encroachers

Nana Okobeng Amponsah, Chief Executive Officer of Okobeng Mining Company has cautioned encroachers against invading his mining concession at Dominase in the Evalue Ajomoro Gwira Municipality of the Western Region. 

Nana Amponsah has warned that necessary legal actions will be taking against any person or organization who is found to have undertaken any form of activity on the said concession. 

In an interview with the media, Nana Amponsah urged investors to be vigilant and cross check with the Minerals Commission over any parcel of land who is giving out to them by a chief, minister of anyone who claims to have such authority. 

He explained that most of the concessions in that part of the country are owned by large-scale mining companies and therefore anyone who undertakes mining operations without recourse to the appropriate authorities will be erring on the side of the law. 

Nana Amponsah warned that there will be dire consequences for anyone who encroaches on his parcel of lands designated for mining activities. 

He explained he will resort to the legal means to protect his concessions against the encroachers. 

“I’m serving this warning to each and everyone in the Evalue Ajomoro Gwira Municipality that the concession within the dominance is out of bounce to any encroacher. Nobody should dare encroach on that land. 

“If a chief or politicians gives you a parcel of land in that area and you don’t do due diligience at Minerals Commission and step foot on the land, proper actions will be taken against you. I will use the legal means to institute action against such persons,”he said. 

His warning comes on the back reports of encroachment on mining lands by alleged illegal miners in some parts of the country. 

The Ministry of Lands and Natural Resources in a recent statement warned against such acts, urging the public to crosscheck with the Minerals Commission on any piece of land.

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