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MTN bravo - Before you can redraw money from your MOMO wallet, you surely must need this

MTN mobile money has really made a huge impact on the lives of every human being on the surface of this planet.

Gone are the days where people flooded up at banks for transactions and also the headaches of carrying huge sums of money vanished as soon as MTN mobile money surfaced up.

For a couple of years MOMO has been beneficial until fraudsters showed their ugly faces in the system.

It is really very painful to hear one wailing all in the name of a fraudster defrauding him or her of MOMO. This sad tragic has been on the increase for about two years now.

As the saying goes whatever has a beginning eventually has an end. It is now time for MOMO fraudsters to lay down their tools since the management of MTN has now added a new feature on the process of withdrawing money from one's MOMO wallet.

The new feature simply requires the one who is ready to withdraw some money from his her MOMO wallet to present the card he or she used in registering the MOMO account with.

Thus you will have to give the card being it Volter's, National health insurance card etc for the MOMO merchant to write the number on the card for MTN to truly verify if indeed that card is really the one being used to register the account with.

When this new feature surfaced up, many people are really dancing to embrace it but the big question is, will this new feature really stop MOMO fraudsters to ever stop defrauding innocent people of their monies on their phones?

Well, Ghanaians have gotten their fingers crossed.

Content created and supplied by: Scarletbuggarti (via Opera News )



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