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Mobile Money Vendors are selling ID numbers at an agreed fee.

The bank of Ghana Directives issued a statement to financial institution to demand identification card for all physical financial transactions. Mobile Money operators have launched a system of no identification card no Mobile Money. As a security measures to prevent frauds and theft of customers monies.

After barely three weeks of implementing this policy, Users are encounting challenges which represent dangers to personal identification and information of users. Per no identification card no Mobile Money Policy. Mobile Money operators are mandated to enter the Identification number of users who wants to cash out before transactions can be executed.

That policy is not dangerous, since the Mobile Money operators has no access to the user's identification number when the transaction is completed. The danger is that some operators additionally writes down the ID details of users to keep as data collection for future access or any other use . This open up opportunity for fraudsters and money scammers to trade customers ID data at an agreed fee.

The ultimate concern is how we use records are potentially handled and the telecommunication operators willing to bare liability for loss occasioned from the mishandled customers information.

Per my interaction with them. It is clear that Mobile Money operators have not alternate the level of training and safe guides required for data protection. 

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