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Agric: Egg and other Poultry products to remain high as the harvest season for Maize is in June.

The price of an Egg jumped slightly in December 2020 during the festive period and become the first agric consumable noticed to have increased in price due to its popular daily demands.

As predicted, it seems the price is likely to continue increasing steadily as the country is nowhere near the harvesting period of maize, which is the main cause of the price hike.

Egg is simply an everyday meal in almost every home in Ghana and had one of the most stable prices over the years. So when it suddenly jumped slightly in price, questions began floating about.

The answer was not any strange. Poultry farmers mounted the defense claiming a hike in the usual suspect of any consumable producer. Production cost.

According to the farmers. The increase in poultry feed, particularly Maize and Soybeans, and other production factors have necessitated the move to increase the prices of Egg in the market.

An average price of a crate of an egg moved from Ghc18 to Ghc25 and most likely, will keep going up from February through to March. This has naturally affected the price of fried and boiled eggs.

In December, when the government was questioned about its several interventions (like the planting for food Jobs) policies to curtail such occurrences, the answer was that, it's the cause of the demand for the Christmas season.

However, the situation is proving to be otherwise as poultry Farmer keeps complaining of lack of maize.

In Ghana, maize planting normally begins at the onset of the major rainy season (March or April) and harvest occurs somewhere in June. The minor season then follows two months later.

We are now in February, and suffice to say we have a long way to go. The importation of maize, which is the available solution will only make matters worse.

One of the commonest foods in the Ghanaian households is on the rise in terms of price, this must be solved forthwith. Government intervention must be swift.

The kids need it in the noodles and the Ghanaian adults simply cannot do without their omelette. The price of an egg simply cannot be left uncontrolled. 

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