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If I Were IMF Director: 5 Changes I will Make in Ghana

The Leadership of Ghana has directed the Finance Ministry headed by Mr. Ken Ofori Atta to with Immediate effect liase with the International Monetary Fund in order to address Ghana's worsening economic situation.

Looking critically into issues, Ghana's Problem has to do with dishonesty in the front line, we have senior Members dating some high class girls and extorting fortunes from the state to please them during birthdays and some occasion, such people are compelled to divert some amount of funds from some areas to please a lady just for a one night stand. Let's control our libido as men, some of these women can really manipulate you spiritually to keep gaining.

As an IMF Director, the first thing I'll implore The Government to do is to Change the grading requirement to benefit from the free SHS system.

Reduce the requirement to 6-25 as minimum for boarding and 26-30 for day. The rest can pay to support the program. There is no better way of generating taxes than this.

Secondly, I'll advocate for the establishment of a fertilizer factory between the northern and southern Belt of Ghana, farming is a key income earner for the country and it will be a pity to import Fertilizer at high prices in order to manage our agric industry.

Thirdly, I'll audit the payroll not through the number of ghost names but those taking unearned salaries, how do you get them, check through how people attain certain ranks, some people are on some ranks through dubious means and a next rank means more income and more debt to government, get those on the wrong scale and demote them back to their right position, you can't get ghost names now.

Fourthly, Pay Teachers Rent Allowance ,teachers in rural areas have become economic tools there and can easily invest in Communities to develop them, but once they stay away from those Communities, they do not invest there but immediately they have rent allowance to rent and stay there, they'll invest there and indirectly employ people there. Paying teacher more means giving the citizens money.

Lastly, Create a medium to discourage foreign travels, make travelling outside unattractive by reducing taxes on local businesses, give businesses tax holidays and divert such targets into NHIS, let Foreigners with NHIS card pay 200% more to register or renew their cards. This will generate more revenue for the government in the long run.

Filed by Tuorimuo Elvis Philip

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