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Is Ghana Really A Poor Country? Have A Look At How People Are Making Money In Ghana

The current economic situation in Ghana looks very bad. Prices of goods and services keeps rising at a galloping rate, making life here unfavorable for the less privileged.

The government and his administration have been blamed every now and then for misappropriation of the country’s funds, but the government has also leveled all the cause to the Russia-Ukraine war.

Despite the economic hardship in Ghana now, people are still making huge sums of money, and this tends to throw the question that, Is Ghana Really A Poor Country?

Currently, the people who makes much money are people in the private sector of Ghana, that is people with their own businesses. This is business, government workers only see the face of monies monthly, but private workers get in touch of money daily, weekly and monthly.

This is how people are making money in Ghana despite all these economic challenges.

Social Media

In recent times, social media has evolved in providing massive job opportunities for people. People who are creative and creates original contents have been cashing out huge sums of money through their social media handles.

What they do is to grow their followers and monetize their accounts. Platforms like Facebook, TikTok, YouTube and others have these features which helps them to make more money.


Most Ghanaians are making huge sums of money from blogging although, things are hard in the economy.

Bloggers with their unique innovative also create their respective platforms with huge number of followers, and provide services you may need, such as helping you to share your goods and services to the world and in return, you pay them as well.


Selling cooked meals is something most people deem as a job for the less privileged, but they are making huge sums of money from it.

The most item consumed by people is good. Every blessed day, people eat and thus those who sells food make huge sums of money even at the expense of Ghana’s economic issues.

Opera News Hub

This is a platform that gives people the opportunity to write and publish stories, news, trending issues and other creative contents, and earn money.

Despite the economic challenges in Ghana, writers are making huge sums of money on the Opera News Hub.

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