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IMF 18th loan for Ghana will fail, It will not save Ghana's economy:US Economist boldly declares

The IMF or the World Bank is not a charitable organization and the kind of financial help that those twin organizations provide to the developing countries will never get any of those countries anywhere.

Africa Countries and borrowing from IMF and World Bank is the sad reality we facing in this our continent. The leaders of Ghana's current regime were all over the place criticizing other leaders who were running to IMF and sworn that they will never take such loans. Fast forward, after battering the Country's economy they now need a bailout from IMF which will only worsen the situation.

An international economist at the renowned John Hopkins University in the United States, Professor Steve Hanke has confirmed the worse fears of many Ghanaians as to whether the bailout from IMF will yield any positive change. The gentleman stated categorically that Ghana's IMF program will fail which in essence means that it is not the panacea to our economic woes.

Just as the previous IMF programs have brought no impact, this 18th one will also not yield any change. He further predicted Ghana's inflation to be around 49.35% according to data from the exchange rate.

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