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Top 10 Africa Currencies With The Highest Exchange Rates Against The Dollar 2022

Many countries in Africa are actually doing well to stable the exchange rate of the dollar, and these countries has the most valuable currencies in Africa.

As you may well know, the top ten strongest and valuable currencies in Africa are currencies with the highest values when exchanged to the dollar.

Please note, the exchange rate below can be slightly change by the time you convert yours

10. Swazi lilangeni: Is one of the poorest countries on the continent, but Eswatini (Swaziland) has one of the strongest currencies. When converted to the dollar, SZL1000 gave us $66.62.

9. South African rand: South Africa is one of the developed countries in Africa and also has one of the strongest currencies. If you converted ZAR1000, to the dollar, you got $66.63.

8. Eritrean nakfa: In Eritrea is also another fast developed country in Africa, the name of their currency called the Eritrean nakfa. Eritrean exchange rate against the dollar. ERN1000 converted to $66.66.

7. Namibian dollar: This beautiful country their currency is also ranked high in Africa When you exchanged NAD1000 to the dollar, we got $67.16.

6. Seychellois rupee: Another small country with one of the strongest currencies in Africa. SCR1000 can be converted to $78.35

5. Botswanan pula: Botswana is also regarded as one of the heavy weight in Africa in terms of their economic and BWP1000 converts to $88.22

4. Moroccan dirham: Morocco, one of the North Africa countries with the strongest currency in Africa, DH1000 can be converted for $110.46

3. Ghanaian cedi: Ghana is one of the developed West Africa countries, and the exchange rate of the cedis against the dollar GHS1000 will give you $164.74.

2. Libyan dinar: Libya currency is the most valuable currency on the continent. When converted to the dollar, LYD1000 will give you $219.20.

1. Tunisian dinar: Tunisia currently has the strongest and most valuable currency in Africa, and TND1000 converts to $353.05.

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