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Foreign exchange

Know the origin of your currency 'CEDI'

The people of Ghana in the olden days were using shilling, cowry shell and pounds as a means for the exchange of goods and services. This money was used by the people until Kwame Nkurmah introduced a new cerrency called Cedi.

The word Cedi originated from the Akan for cowry shell, which were formerly used as currency in the Gold Coast now Ghana. The money cowry is not found at the West African waters but is a common species in the Indian ocean. The cowry shell came to West Africa in the 14th century through trade with Arab merchants.

The first modern coin were introduced in 1796 but cowries were used to support coins and Gold dust as currency until 1901. The Cedi is used by the Country to date and is competing at with other foreign currencies such as Dollar, Pounds, Euros and others.

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