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Importance of farming to Ghana

The essence of farming system to the economy of Ghana.

Farming is one of a major way a country can use to develop.farming is the cultivation of crops and rearing animals.

Every country needs food so you can really make much profit from Farming.It could either be in exporting them or processing it to finish or semi finish goods.

In Ghana here our main source of income is by exporting terms of cocoa cultivation Ghana is one of the best countries in the world.

Farming plays a very vital role in the development of a country, this is because Ghana export many cocoa and get more money.

In the other farming create employment in a country.when crops like tomatoes, beans, pepper, plantain,cassava and others can also be process to another finish good and this can be done by employing people who will help in the processing of the goods.

A country who focus much on its farming system get more profit from it.Ghana as a county has good soil profile which helps in the cultivation of the crops.

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