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The Essence of Farmers and their massive contributions to the country.

Farming in Ghana is considered to be very essential for the country’s development. Farming entails a lot. Through farming, food becomes abundant in the country. People never go hungry as a result of farming in certain societies. However, there are so many challenges they face that the government has turned deaf ears to. It is therefore hindering some farmers from keeping up with their good work.

Farmers are very important hardworking people who have dedicated their precious time to provide abundant food for Ghanaians. Among all occupations, the one that demands much commitment and time is farming. However, they have not been given the necessary attention and commendation for their good work. 

The NPP government introduced a policy in the agricultural sector which has been of great help to them lately. This government introduced the Planting For Foods and Jobs for development in Ghana’s agriculture. The government has realized how great farmers contribute to the nation’s economy. Farmers really contribute to the nation’s development. 

Some challenges confronting farmers are many and as a result, it discourages them from world king much harder. Roads that farmers use for transporting their produce are very poor. Also, farmers lack many tools and equipment for effective farming. As a result, they have been requesting for tariffs and help from the government. Their good work is not given much attention as required by them.

Farmers have been crying out to government but their cry has not heard. I believe if we stand together as Ghanaians and put our nation’s wellbeing first, we all can aid farmers to motivate them to continue their commendable work. The government should in turn give more attention to farmers and invest more in them for they are the backbone of Ghana’s economy.

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Ghana NPP Planting For Foods


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