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Things To Consider When Starting A Maize Farm

Maize is a highly valuable crop in Ghana which is always in high demand. It is the largest staple crop and accounts for over half of the total cereal production in the country. It is also used as a component of animal feed. This is why it is always in high demand.

If you are thinking of starting a maize farm then you have certainly made a good choice. More maize farmers mean more enhancement of the food security of the country. But before commencing the farming process there is certain nitty-gritty you will need to consider to make that new endeavor highly successful.

1. LAND- Lands are very expensive in the cities, so for starters, family land can be used if available. But in situations whereby you don't own any land, you can acquire one in places where it is relatively cheaper. You can even lease them if that option is available. For rapid germination, maize seeds need soil that is warm, moist, well supplied with air, and fine enough to give a good connection between seed and soil.

2. LAND PREPARATION- Land must be readied for cultivation. Apply weedicides to kill off weed or hire laborers to weed.

3. PURCHASE OF SEEDS- Now that the land is ready it is time to purchase your maize seeds to sow. The quantity to buy depends on the size of the land.

4.PLANTING OF SEEDS- With the seeds secured it is now time to plant. Based on your budget you can decide to hire farmhands to help in the planting or you can opt to do it on your own. Make sure there is enough moisture in the soil if before planting for good germination.

5. APPLICATION OF FERTILIZER-Application of fertilizer is done on two occasions. The first split is applied six weeks after planting and the second after 2 weeks or just before the maize flowers.

6. HARVESTING-In general, maize requires 120 days (12 weeks) to reach maturity. However, early maturing varieties take 75 – 80 days. You can hire farmhands to help you or you can do it yourself depending on the size of the farm and your budget.

7. STORAGE-Storage has been a major problem for Ghanaian maize farmers over the period. Remember; maize can be stored well when properly dried. So dry it until the moisture content is reduced to 13% or less. Store them in bags after it is sufficiently dry. The bags must be placed in an ordinary hut or a clean, cool grain hut.

Note:-You can also get 50% subsidies on the prices of maize seeds through the ongoing program of planting for food and jobs.

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