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The Country Is Broke, Introduce More Taxes - Government Told.

A Financial analyst has noticed that the country needs more money therefore the government needs to impose more tax on the public. According to him, the country do not have money for the government to carry on with developmental projects.

 “Ghana is broke! We spend 49.5% of revenue on interest payments. Govt needs to increase tax revenue else we may not be able to even borrow more. This budget takes the easy way out by imposing indirect taxes which affect the poor more than the wealthy. #TaxTheWealthy #HardDecisions”

His comments follow the approval of the 2021 budget read by the Financial Ministry. In the budget, the government with the motive of bringing back the economy Introduce new taxes and levies. This new taxes has put an increase in many things in the country. Price of building materials such cement and iron rods have increased.

What's your views on the words of Joe Jackson, do you think more taxes need to be introduced because the country is broke? Drop your views in the commentary box below and follow up for more interesting news across the country.

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