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Starting a side business with GH¢500 or less

Have you ever considered the possibility of an alternative source of income or investing into a short term business with good profits?

There are quite a number of ways to earn very good money aside your main profession or even as a main profession, these business are not very capital intensive as such, one can easily start without the need to go in for a loan or even of a professional course.

Check these three very interesting ways to earn extra cash.

1. Blogging

Writing a blog is a very easy source of income which requires no real monetary investment, a lot of people are making a very decent living from earnings they receive from blogging. Highest paid Ghanaian bloggers earn as much as GH¢100,000 to GH¢500,000. It is definitely a field you should seriously look into if you want to make some cool cash.

2. Cooking

There are so many busy people these days who hardly have time to cook, they depend on roadside vendors and restaurants for their food. Majority of theses people priotise very hygienic but will have to settle for anything since they donot have the time to cook for themselves. If you have very good cooking skills then you should start thinking about cooking for corporate workers for a fee, you could include delivery services and also add pastries and fresh fruit drinks to enhance your business.

3. Making liquid soap

There is probably no house in Ghana without liquid soap, it's a commodity that will always be in demand and even more in this pandemic period. You can easily venture into this business with as little as GH¢500 or less. The process of making the soap is quite easy and stress free. You will need a graphic designer to design a very nice label for your bottles. You can use platforms such as tonaton and Jiji to market your product.

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