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Company advertises job vacancy barely 30minutes after worker passed away

Business surely must go on, and for a business to exist it would need both its workers and customers to survive. Without its staff the business is as good as dead. No one lives forever and for that reason, no matter how good, important or otherwise you are to your company you can't be a staff forever, one day you definitely have to be replaced. If death doesn't lay its icy hands on you, age or even ailment would lay a hold on you after some time.

But what happens at your workplace moments after your death or sudden ailment is what sometimes becomes a thing of concern to many. A post by one Twitter fun, "Biden Bucks" with Twitter handle @sea_slade, shows how a company wouldn't take chances in replacing their staff barely 35 minutes after she had passed away. In her post she advised people to always put themselves first since they could easily be replaced in the event of death. "My job announced the passing of one of my (distant) coworkers and announced her position in the following email 35 mins later...Always put yourself first", she posted. The post had already gunned over 33.8k tweets.

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