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Government should consider these other than E-levy.

The government of Ghana has wanted to introduce electronic levy (E-levy).

Arguments have been going on whether or not it should be accepted.

The E-levy is may not be the only option the government can rely on in collection of tax.

If it happens that the E-levy is accepted, most Ghanaians will be paying double taxes whereas some may not be included in the payments.

I don't think the E-levy is a punishment to public and civil workers. It's main purpose is to aid government in the collection of taxes.

Public workers who are paid through Controller and Accountant General's Department are deducted tax from their salaries. Not withstanding, traders and other people who do businesses also pay taxes through ticketing and other different ways.

If all these people are to pay tax if they are going to do transactions on electronic bases, it's going to be a cheat.

Meanwhile, some workers like carpenters, Maison, and many more do not pay taxes due to how they receive their payments.

The government should rather consider the following ways to gather revenue for national development,

1. Government should cutdown expenditure. The government can gather money if he cutdown expenditure mostly on fuel and other travelling expenses. Huge amount of money given out to some people who hold key positions as sitting allowance can also help gather money.

2. Government should again restore the toll booths to collect tolls. If the money gotten from the collection of tolls is well regulated, we will not be considering E-levy.

3. Tourist attractions should also be maintained and advertised to suit the interest of foreigners and the citizens.

4. Proper supervision in the various income generated sectors to eliminate corruption.

5. Government can also encourage the citizens to patronage the nation's income generated funds. Example, the STD buses.

6. Government should encourage the citizens to engage into other businesses so that government will be able to have more people to pay tax.

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