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FixTheCountry: Checkout The New Prices Of Cement And Other Building Materials

For some days now, Ghana’s social media space has been flooded with fixthecountry hashtag. Most Ghanaians have expressed disappointments about some happenings in the country which they believe is affecting their living standards.

They have gone ahead to fix a date where the entire country will hit the streets to register their anger at authorities.

One of the issues under discussion is the increment in the prices of goods and services. Whilst some Ghanaians are complaining about the unbearable import duties, others are unhappy with the fuel prices at the pumps.

There are several others who have been complaining about the poor state of roads, schools, health centers, and many others.

The fixthecountry hashtag is to get the authorities in charge to fix the challenges.

One sector that is widely affected in all the anger is the construction industry. Most people are now trying to put up buildings to shelter their families but the general complaints have been about the increasing cost of the materials involved.

Cement, iron rods, roofing sheets, nails, and many others have over the years seen increases in prices.

With GHACEM, the prices of cement have seen hikes over the years. 50Kg of cement that used to be sold between GHC 20 and GHC 30 in the year 2016 depending on the brand, now sells between GHC 42 to GHC 44 in the price list that was updated on April 9, 2021.

It is believed that their major competitors, Dangote and Diamond Cement are also selling the commodity within the same range.

With this, the prices of cement have seen an increment of about GHC 20 in the past four years. It is believed that 50kg Cement was being sold between the prices of GHC 9 and GHC 12 in 2009.

This means that from 2009 to 2021, about GHC 40 increment has been added to the price of cement. lets all note that these are wholesale prices.

Retailers will also add a little profit to the wholesale prices and that could further increase the initial estimates. it is alleged that some retailers are selling cement at around GHC 50.

Iron rods on the other hand have also seen about a 40 percent increment. From prices available at the Manuel Johnson Building Hardware, 70 pieces of 16MM ordinary iron rod are now selling at 5,420 per ton whilst 16MM STD sells at 6,600 per ton. Before this, the prices of iron rods were selling a little above GHC 3,000.

The general outcry in the country is that authorities must as a matter of urgency save the situation before it gets out of hand.

Checkout the prices below:

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