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COVID-19 & Ghanaian Business

"Quite frankly,Covid 19 has strongly brought down the revenue of businesses and has taught us a lot".It was said that coronavirus diseases(covid 19) is an infectious disease caused by a newly discovered coronavirus.Most people who fall sick with covid -19 will experience mild to moderate symptoms and recover without special treatment.

The economic crisis unleashed by the outbreak of COVID-19 is hurting economies, regardless of income level. The most recent data from UNIDO’s seasonally adjusted Index of Industrial Production from April 2020 vs December 2019 indicate that both lower- and upper middle-income countries have been significantly impacted by COVID-19.

Stop the act of sending false information around the world about the number of infections, diagnosis and treatment options,medicines, government policies, etc., creates more panic and anxiety among the population. The result can be widespread chaos, panic buying, hoarding of essential commodities, price rise especially on developing countries,violence on the streets, discrimination, conspiracy theories, and so on. In order to reduce false information, companies like Google, Facebook, and YouTube are working tirelessly to guide people to the right, verifiable information such as that published by World Health Organization(WHO) or local authorities and government. By making accurate information available to everybody, a survey can be created and the people can be informed about the right steps to take.

Economic losses are not correlated to health impacts

Recent data of case numbers and deaths is quite asymmetric across countries. Sub-Saharan Africa, for example, one of the poorest regions in the world, does not seem to have been severely impacted by covid 19

Covid-19 has made Africans learn to use their own resources to prevent the spread of Covid-19,like the use of nose marks,face shield and Hand Sanitizers.

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