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Effective Ways To Make Money As A Youth In Ghana. Businesses You Can Do To Make Money

Living conditions in Ghana is getting tougher and tougher by the day. People have families to cater for but cannot get means to do so. The dependency ratio in Ghana is also extremely high. When you go to some families, you will find only one person who is feeding many hungry mouths.

If a person manages to secure the least paying job, he or she is seen as the 'god' of the family; everybody wants to have a slice of what he or she earns. It is prudent that we all find something productive to do in order to ease the financial burden on ourselves and others as well. These are few ways of making money in Ghana.

Selling food items; cooked or uncooked. I know a guy who set up a fast food joint. He is always patronised by lots of people both in the daytime and in the evenings. Some of his age mates are loitering in the neighbourhood, stealing people's items including livestock.

Fast food business is very good for ladies who are privileged to study Home Economics in the Senior High School. But some of them will prefer chasing men for their daily bread.

Selling clothes, shoes and the likes. There are people who always make money silently. We think their kind of work is too tedious but they're really making a living from roaming from one end of the town to the other, selling their products to people. You can start selling shirts and others to make a living.

This can help you to support yourself and family for the meantime. Unless you want to join the fraudsters and petty criminals in the society.

Farming. As for this option, many will even insult you, if you recommend it. Agriculture in Ghana, is seen as the work for illiterates. You can't tell a university graduate to farm; he will not even if that's his last option on earth. He will continue praying for nonexistent jobs. But in the wisest sense, farming is great in helping build reasonable levels of wealth.

Selling satchet water.Pure water business is booming especially, when the weather is very warm. People consume large quantities of water in the market and other places. You can do wholesale or retailing. But our problem is, we want to be rich quickly. The business takes time before you can accumulate lots of money. But trying is always worth it.

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