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Food shortage or food crisis: Government hiding behind semantics to hide incompetence?

We have to be straight with this issue. To put it mildly, currently in Ghana, food has become expensive. That is the stack reality!

And of course, it will become topical at a time, just like now. So, in discussing it, we have to be candid with the people of Ghana and stop playing politics by escaping blame and dodging the real issue. 

There are factors that drive the agriculture sector and all the food production chain in Ghana. We know these things. In fact, it is trite knowledge.

Aside the production and supply chain, including demand and supply, there is the issue if inflation that determines how high or low food stuffs are priced.

Having said that, the government of the day, that is the Akufo-Addo administration, is the overall promoter of anything good or otherwise that affect food production and availability in Ghana. The buck stops with them. 

For regular visitors of the open market, either to trade on foods or purchase for domestic consumption, the plain truth is that, the rate at which food prices increase is alarming. You purchase an item today, the price changes on your next visit. However, we are told inflation is stable. 

Sometimes, the response of government officials worsens matters. They lie in our faces and use gymnastic to explain things, hoping they will confuse and mislead the average Ghanaian. 

For instance, when confronted with this escalating food prices, the deputy minister responsible for agriculture, Mr. Yaw Frimpong Addo dismissed the claim. He admitted that currently there is shortage of foodstuff on the market; however, that should not raise an alarm as this is the trend during the planting season.

"This is food shortage, not food crisis". He said. 

He also blame Covid-19 and fertilizer. Saying that; “Food shortage, yes, but we don’t have a food crisis. I’m telling you that during the planting season every year, it has been like this. Just that this year because of Covid-19 and fertilizer production". 

Food is expensive, obviously because of lack of it. Whether it is a shortage or crisis, we do not eat the semantic. All we need is the solution to whatever the name of what we have is. 

The government came to power with so many promises. The famous Planting for Food and job (PFJ) is still in operation. Is it not? A policy that is supposed to feed us cheaply and have some for export. After five years, it is the same food cycle season in Ghana. And we have the gut to blame this on Covid too? 

There is no viable policy on the ground at the moment that ensures food availability and affordability. Ghana is now importing Maize and Tomatoes from its neighbouring countries. This is a shame. 

Finding lame excuses for this incompetence is just not politically matured. The government must confront the issue head on and, honestly, stop hiding behind words. For a person who is hungry and cannot find food to buy, or buy at exorbitant prices, lying to her makes you more evil.

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