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Covid-19 And The World Of Business

The year 2019 seems to have been going according to plans on most accounts. That was until the last quarter of the year, when the first cases of the Novel Coronavirus were recorded, in the Wuhan province of China. Even at that time, it seems like it would not get far, but in a matter of months the virus had become a global pandemic, killing millions of people in the first wave, and several others in the second wave.

As I write this article now, it seems the virus has come to stay with us whether we like it or not. Yes, a vaccine has been found to curtail its spread, but there is still a long way to go to even come close to finding a cure. But in the wake of all this is the effect of the virus on the business structuring or structures. Yes, lots of businesses have had to lay off workers due to how the global economy was hit, and the fact that with the virus killing so much demand for certain commodities and services reduced, so it became unwise to maintain a certain amount of workforce for certain establishments.

But then also the virus opened up the doorway for the new venture and the era of e-commerce was catapulted way ahead of plans. Companies had to go digital or risk losing out on their customer base. While some businesses were having to close down or lay off workers, other businesses saw a boom is not just output but a general overhaul.

For example for companies who were operating delivery services, they had to increase their dispatch riders who were on the payroll. Because now more people were at home or were not comfortable going into shops or public places for fear of being infected. So most people began ordering online and having it delivered to their location of choice. Companies who were into purchasing and supply either had a shortage of commodities where the products were imported or saw a need to stock more to remedy the increase in demand as people were now either home bond so more intake of certain products.

So in all covid-19 was not all bad it had some positives as well. Even in the world of work.

Content created and supplied by: Felix_Kwasi_Annan (via Opera News )

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