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The main reason why Chinese will never stop mining of gold in the country of Ghana.

Ghana is blessed with a lot of mineral resources such as gold, diamond, bauxite, manganese, crude oil, salt and many more. These are wealth capable of developing a country with less efforts.

The abundant of mineral deposits in the country had made the country popular to other countries especially China.

China is the second largest world economy whose focus is well vested in industrialization, Science and Technology. Though, China is so rich, her taste for gold day in day out keeps increasing marginally. This is evident in how Chinese influx Ghana and engage in gold mining activities.

Someone may ask, why is China so interested in gold? 

One is jewelry sales. In China, many occasions demand the use of gold produce. For instance, at wedding and birth ceremonies, gold in given out as a present to people. Again, some industries use it for high - ended consumer electronics, electric cars, LEDs and printed circuit boards.

Currently, Ghana is with $2billion loan deal with China. So, Beijing will finance $2million projects in the areas of roads, rail and bridge networks. In exchange, Ghana grants China legal means to access 5% of Ghana's bauxite reserve (Atiwa Forest Reserve).

Looking at the ways Ghana receives help from China, it will be difficult for Ghana government to severely deal with Chinese who are caught in illegal mining.

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