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Massive Reaction As The Number of Trucks Zoomlion Commissioned Brings Confusion.

A few days ago, Ghana’s topmost waste management firm, Zoomlion, commissioned a number of technologically advanced waste trucks to help supplement that of the old ones which were in operation across the country. This they said was to enhance effectiveness and efficiency in rendering this crucial service to the general Ghanaian public. Considering how crucial this service is, Ghanaians welcomed the development as was expected.

Controversy is however brewing regarding the actual number of trucks the partnership provided for the waste management company. Many print media outlets have provided different numbers and this has even worsened the situation.

In an era where the level of distrust for those power has been vested to is so high, people tend to be extremely suspicious of almost anything that does not add up especially when it has to do with huge sums of money, contracts and procurement.

Zoomlion company is yet to clarify the discrepancy in relation to this issue. Many think it is important this is done since such machines are really expensive for which reason even if a single unit is not accounted for,it is a really significant loss.

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