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Night basketball fixed by zesta1

I used to feel pretty low and lost after I became a stay at home mum, I knew enough was enough ❌

And that was the moment I knew I had to say YES!

Yes to something different, Yes to change and Yes to a new challenge!

YES to start my own business! 🤳

At the time I new nothing about the online world, how mums like myself could leverage social media and turn it into your own business.

I had no experience all I new was I needed something for me, to keep me sane 🤪 and meet other like minded mums 👩

I found the confidence I never new I had, determination like never before and motivation to get me started 🥳

Over the past 5 years, I've been through many different emotions and situations that has forced me out of my comfort zone and it felt AMAZING. It has made me into the person I am today!

My mission is to show other mums like myself how to find there inner confidence, to show up for themselves and how to monetize the scroll using a Social Selling model.

I have an online group with information showing exactly how our business works with how you can get started 😄

Hit the 😍 to be added!

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