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Asante Kingdom bought 2 aircraft for Britain in 2nd World War – Asantehene Claims

The Asantehene, Otumfuo Osei Tutu II has uncovered that the Asante Kingdom purchased two airplanes for Britain during the during the Second World War.

Conveying a talk on "Contemporary difficulties in US and Africa relations" at the University of Memphis, in the United States of America Thursday evening [May 5, 2022], the Asantehene said Asanteman was capable do that in view of its monetary power.

"The regular assets of our territories, in gold and wood, and the singular energy and drive of our kin as they put forth a concentrated effort to cocoa cultivating have been at the very front of the financial turn of events," he told his crowd at the Rose Theater of the University, which included scholastics, understudies, college managers, and a few individuals from the Ghana Community in Memphis.


Expounding on the force of the Asante Kingdom, Otumfuo Osei Tutu said at its pinnacle, it covered a region extending to the Republic of Benin.

"A portion of our kin had moved to the Ivory Coast, and presently comprise about a fourth of the nation's populace. That gathering delivered the extraordinary man recognized as the Father of current Ivory Coast, Felix Houphoet-Boigney and another previous President Konan Bedie. "

He said it is easy to see the value in why the Asante Kingdom was of vital significance to the frontier powers who looked to control Africa .

He said the British attempted to stifle Asante Kingdom " however we effectively fended off endeavors at pilgrim triumph and remained furiously free until the start of the last century when King Prempeh I was taken in banishment and Asanteman consented to be coordinated into the Gold Coast under British rule."

"We have been fearless and consistent with our joining into the new country state which is presently the Republic of Ghana and have been undeterred in our assurance to guarantee its proceeding with flourishing," he expressed.


Otumfuo Osei Tutu said on the beginning of freedom strains emerged among Asanteman and the initiative of the autonomy development.

"For some time they were all around as excited as any to invite the beginning of independence from unfamiliar rule, the set of experiences and customs of Asante obliged them to be more worried about the institutional construction of the new state. "

He said Asantes had forever been totally faithful to their ruler, as the British acknowledged when It was first kept to King Prempeh.

"Any place he was kept inside the Gold Coast or West Africa, his kin were ready to stroll to attempt to save him. In the end they needed to send him across the seas to the Island of Seychelles. And still, after all that, individuals sat tight for every one of the 25 years he was someplace far off, banished in shame until the British permitted him to get back to Kumasi before they officially dedicated their reliability to the Gold Coast."

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