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Earn Extra Money With This Business.

The cost of living in Ghana keeps on increasing and it is getting unbearable. It gets worse because we depend heavily on import and the cedi keeps on depreciating.

The inflation rate keeps on rising to the extent that it's risky to not add contingency to your budget.

Surviving on a single job might not be enough to add contingency to your budget which is a must now. You might be wondering how you can get a side job.

The good news is that you do not need to go search for a side hustle. You can create your own business. If you manage it well you can generate a lot of profit.

A business you can start as a side hustle is the abele walls business. It does not consume soo much time and it's quite simple.

You need sifted all purpose flour, salt, margarine, vanilla essence, food colors, condensed milk, powdered milk, small cups and khebab sticks.

Make a paste with your sifted all purpose flour and pour it into a saucepan. Add a generous amount of margarine and a pinch of salt to taste .On low to medium heat, continue stirring till the paste thickens. Do not stop stirring till it is done. Stopping might lead to lumps forming.

You can add water if it becomes too thick. Once it's done. It should change color and become uniformly thick. Transfer your mixture into a large bowl. Dissolve your powdered milk and add it to your mixture. Add your desired amount of condensed milk and vanilla flavor. Mix until everything is well combined.

Transfer into smaller containers. Add your food colors to them to create variety. Stir until the colors are well mixed.

Wash your small cups and set them aside. Cut your khebab sticks into 3 or 4 pieces. Divide each of your cut sticks perpendicularly to get twice the number. Cut of the pointed tips. Put your sticks into your cups. Pour your desired amount of ice cream into them. Allow them freeze, preferably overnight.

Store them in an ice chest to prevent them from melting. If you find it hard removing them, you can temporarily set them in water.

You can strike a deal with someone if you can't sell them yourself. Probably a 30% of sales deal with the person for selling them.

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