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Is There Any Other Way Apart From Increasing Fuel Prices ?

In developed countries, citizens are given money for no work done mainly through social security. In developing countries, money is taken from the citizenry through essential services by increment. In Ghana, anytime fuel prices are increased it romps up the nerve of so many other essential services and even foodstuffs in the market

When this happens, the citizens begin to call out the government for support in other to alleviate the burdens that have come as a result of the increment in the prices. I do not understand why people keep doing that every time price of fuel increases. The authorities supervise the increase of these prices, if they could have found a way out, they will have done that instead of supervising the price increase in the first place. So why do people turn around and call on the same government that supervises the increase of the fuel prices for help?

Even if the government were to help, the only thing they can do is to increase the basic salary and not everyone has a job.

Individuals must be more concerned about developing themselves in such a way that they do not get affected by things beyond their control.

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